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Our commitment to both our clients and the environment makes us unique in the travel industry. Have you read our mission statement yet? As you’ll hopefully notice, education is important to us. At Galapagos, we are lifelong learners and we want to give others the opportunity to learn alongside us. We specialize in educational tours and regularly lead groups of college students on trips throughout Ecuador at a subsidized price.



Our naturalist guides are excited to spread the wealth of knowledge that they have gained over years of study and observation with you. Rather than other cruises, our guides have studied the specific environments that you will be visiting. The bond that is created on our trips between student and guide lasts for years to come.



Don’t get lost in the crowd. We are a small company and therefore better equipped to offer tours that are perfectly personalized to fit your specific interests. Our size allows a more one on one interaction at a much cheaper rate – your money isn’t lost in bureaucracy and red tape.