Cerro Blanco dry forest.

The private forest reserve Cerro Blanco is one of the largest and continuous stands of tropical dry forest in southwest Ecuador. It has an extension of 6,078 ha and is located within the territorial district of Tarqui parish in Guayaquil city. This private forest is managed by Pro Bosque Foundation, a private and non-profit organization active since 1992. The reserve was declared Important Bird Area in 1999 and declared Protected Forest of the National System Protected Forest in 2000. The site records at least 250 bird species, 8 amphibian, 12 reptiles and more than 700 species of vascular plants. Pro-Bosque manages different programs; among them an environmental education one. The visitors program offers a recreational experience that highlights the conservation of the unique resources of the reserve. There are guided tours along natural trails, and visitors are allowed to overnight in the camping area prior reservation or rent a cabin.