Galapagos Entry Requirements

Dear Passangers,


Ecuador withdraws the entrance guidelines to the country to travelers who arrive from abroad

Statement No. 114

October 19, 2022

(Quito, Pichincha). – The National Emergency Operations Committee (COE), after the report issued by the Technical Work Table 2 led by the Ministry of Health decided The 00h01, with this decision, the certificate or vaccination card as well as the PCR or antigen test are no longer mandatory for travelers who arrive at our destination from abroad, either via area or by the terrestrial border steps.

In case of alert to increase Covid 19 cases in some country, guidelines could be implemented focused on travelers from that destination.

It is important to note that the traveler’s health declaration maintains its regular process and, with character -Bligatory-, it must be completed in a digital way to embark. It is available in the following link:, in case of not being able to access the platform you must present the physical form. It is worth mentioning that travelers who fill the digital form no longer need to present the form at the point of entry to the Ministry of Health.

These decisions are the result of the national government’s effort to promote a sustained recovery of different economic activities and as an impulse to the Ecuadorian tourism sector for more travelers to reach our country.

For additional details or specific information please contact our staff via email or whatsapp.

Grace Cardenas

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