Recreational Area Parque El Lago & Laguna Park (Private reserve).

This reserve is part of the National System of Protect Areas since 2002. It is located 26 km to the west of Guayaquil city and has an extension of 2,283 has. Parque El Lago is an artificial lake formed by the dam that impounds the waters of the Chongón and Perdido rivers, and is part of the infrastructures that transfer the waters from the Guayas River to the Santa Elena Peninsula. It has an altitudinal range from 0 to 300 m above sea level. The vegetation surrounding the lake corresponds to tropical dry forest and deciduous spiny shrub. More than 80 bird species have been recorded at Parque Lago, among the highlights are found Neotropical Cormorants, Cocoi Herons, Snail Kites, Black-bellied Whistling Ducks, and a diversity of seed eaters and finches.