What We do 

Galapagos Best is a sustainable tour company based in Guayaquil, Ecuador. In 2004, we opened as a tour operator exclusively for the Galapagos Islands. Since then, we have expanded our operations to cover the entire country. We still offer the same tailor-made tours we became known for in the Galapagos, but now we can show you so much more.



Our mission is to provide quality, sustainable tours throughout the Galapagos and Ecuador that educate tourists about the environment, history and communities in which we operate. In order to minimize our carbon footprint, we work closely with our clients to tailor our tours to their specific interests, while at the same time partnering with local organizations, sustainable companies,  and indigenous communities. By supporting the research and conservation efforts by organizations like the Charles Darwin Research Station and The International Ecotourism Society, we are working to make our world a better place. We practice sustainable tourism in the hopes that the pristine environment of our archipelago and our country can be enjoyed for generations to come.  



What that Looks like

1) You pick your destination.  

2) Then fill out our booking form here

3) We contact you about prices and options. 

4) You arrange your international flight, we do the rest.