Why Choose Us? 

When booking a trip to the Galapagos, it doesn't take long to become overwhelmed by the myriad of options.  Here's why we believe you should choose us.  


Our Values 

Our commitment to both our clients and the environment makes us unique in the travel industry. Have you read our mission statement yet?  As you'll hopefully notice, education is important to us. At Galapagos Best, we're lifelong learners, and we want to give others the opportunity to learn alongside us. We specialize in educational tours and regularly lead groups of college students on trips throughout Ecuador at a subsidized price. 



Our Size

Don't get lost in the crowd. We're a small company, so we can offer you tours that are personalized to perfectly fit your interests. Our size also allows us to offer you tours at a much cheaper rate: your money isn't lost in bureaucracy and red tape.




The Experience 

Book a private tour in order to get to know the environment and our tour guides on a more personal basis, or book a group tour with your best friends for a lower rate per person. Either way, a trip with Galapagos Best is one you'll look back fondly on forever. We stay in touch with our clients years after they've traveled with us. If you don't want to be our Facebook friend, we won't take it personally. But we're betting that after a trip with us, you'll want to follow us on every social media site. And don't worry, it's usually mutual.  




Our Partners