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The Adriana Catamaran is our teasure for day trips that will take you to the most wonderful excusions in Galapagos. If you are looking to enjoy the the enchanted islands at is fullest, please come join us in an amazing week discovery onboard of the luxurious Grand Dpahne.

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Discover Ecuador

There is nowhere in the world quite like Ecuador. Though our country is perhaps most famous across the globe for the Galapagos Islands, there is a ton to see and do on the mainland. We’re located right on the equator, which makes our country one of the most biodiverse places in the world. Its small size, nevertheless, means that visitors can truly experience Ecuador without traveling great distances.

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Dr. Irby Lovette

I work with Fausto and Galapagos Best specifically because they always go far beyond the typical Galapagos experience to infuse their trips with an intellectual and experiential richness that I have not experienced elsewhere. Fausto has a very deep knowledge of the natural history of the Galapagos and a rare ability to share his enthusiasms with his co-travelers.

Jane Doe

We spent an amazing day trip to Bartolomè with the really comfortable Adriana Catamaran (plenty of space for hosting a group of 16), pampered by an amicable and knowledgeable crew and escorted in our landing and snorkeling by the naturalist guide Fausto, a real scholar beside an islands enthusiast: he can explain every detail with passion and competence, in flawless English, Spanish and even Italian!

Lou and Rob from Virginia

It was a dream trip! My only complaint was it went by too quickly! I don’t know which part was my favorite -swimming with the sea lions, visiting the organic rum still, shopping in Puerto Ayora, or exploring Montañita! It will be a trip I look back on fondly for many years to come! Thank you for sharing all of your knowledge and making our trip so stress-free! You are always welcome in Virginia.

Luxury Travel Diary

The Adriana is a 42-ft catamaran offering day trips to a variety of sites within an hour or two sailing from Santa Cruz. With a crew of 4 and maximum capacity of just 16 passengers, you are guaranteed great personal service and a more exclusive experience of the wildlife. During our Galapagos trip, we were fortunate enough to enjoy 3 different cruises on Adriana with friendly and knowledgeable owner and naturalist guide, Fausto Rodriguez.

Caryl Campbell and John Adams

Hi Fausto, We want to thank you for making our trip fun, educational and special aboard Tip Top II. It was all we had hoped for and more. We wish you the best in all of your many endeavors , especially your run for mayor.”

Rachel from New York

A must see vacation destination! Galapagos Best had everything from transportation to snorkeling perfectly planned for us. Our tour guide, Javier, was super energetic and knowledgeable. He gave us great recommendations for restaurants and beach spots. We packed our itinerary with a daily excursion each day, which was a bit taxing, but definitely worth it. My favorite part of the trip was when we took a boat ride to Saint Bartolome, a small island just north of Santa Cruz. There, we snorkeled with a diverse group of animals including sea lions, penguins, and white-tip sharks!

Elisa and Richard from California

“Fausto, your enthusiasm and breadth of knowledge of these amazing Islands made the trip such an immensely enjoyable experience. Thank you so much! Good Wishes on your future endeavors.”

John and Melissa from New York

“Melissa and I would like to thank you very much for making this Galapagos trip a very interesting experience. We thoroughly enjoyed your enthusiastic descriptions and explanations of island wildlife, plants, geology, and recent history. You have made our experience much more meaningful, and we will always look back on our voyage lasting memories.”

John and Wendy from Australia

In discussions over dinner this evening, Wendy & I agreed that we were so pleased to have taken the tour today. We really enjoyed getting out into the countryside, meeting so many nice people and having the experiences we had. It was a magic day for us. So we sincerely thank you & Fernando for making it such a good day.”John and Wendy took a day trip from Guayaquil to the Churute Ecological Mangrove Reserve and the Cacao & Mango Farm.

Our Experienced Stories

We are thrilled to host every single special passager. We love to make your whishes come. And make your trip, the best Galapagos experience you can think of.

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